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End of an Utopian Dream

How I wish I could have raised my child in an utopian world. A satwik environment full of love and respect, free of screens and junk and healthy peer relationships. Ah! what a dream. I had the audacity to think I could achieve it. I tried my best but it wasn’t enough to let people know my views. I tried harder and in the process asked of people the energy that they were not ready or equipped to put in. Till last week when I was forced to introspect what chance do I have against all the influences.

Resentment grew within me and judgement of people around and environment. Why are people not more forgiving, loving? How does a child know how to respond with calmness if his inadequacies are reciprocated with anger. All these were valid questions but they didn’t change anything except me. I tried my best but saw myself failing many times when I reacted with anger, judgement, lecturing. And it was hard to accept that I had fallen short and then there was the blame game. It was hard to accept that I wasn’t able to make my dream a reality and holding onto it would only cause more friction at home. I cried.

Felt like a failure but having a strong spiritual path I didn’t remain there for long. I quipped to someone that it’s like putting your whole energy into a project only to realise many years down the line that it’s not borne fruit. That though I put in my best, the social dynamism were not conducive. It was hard to accept the ground reality I was in. I told myself ‘you failed’ but I heard a soft voice whispering back ‘you failed, really?’

No, I didn’t. I would have if I wouldn’t have given it a try, I would have if I would have said it’s not possible. I would have if I wouldn’t have a dream that really possessed me. I still hold it dear in my heart, in a land where it’s feasible. But for now I have to let it fall, not completely but the idealised version. I have to let go of the expectations from people in my child’s environment while I continue to build myself.

Ten years of being a parent expanded my heart like nothing else did. Having a child who always challenged me with his high energy and behaviour kept me on the lookout for best practices in parenting. How much I learnt and still do. He challenged me to develop patience and I rose to the challenge by starting a meditation practice and shortly thereafter found my spiritual path which has been the greatest blessing of my life. I had to make efforts to see good in him and show him his goodness. I grew in forgiveness, acceptance and strength. I had to learn to stand for my principles, for my child. I had to learn to look at bigger picture and choose my battles. I had to learn not to catastrophize and not project this child into the future. On and on the list goes.

And I am still learning. Lessons I learnt have spilled onto my life and to other people. I am more compassionate of people’s shortcomings, more loving, understanding and supportive. I am learning to cherish people for who they are, to see their highest potential in them. Not that I am absolute in any of these qualities but just marching on to be more and better. Ah am I not glad that I dared to dream. In the words of a great spiritual teacher Swami Kriyananda from one of his songs Walk like a Man

Follow your dream though it leads to worlds unknown,
Life’s but a shadow once our dreams have flown.
What if men cry, “Your dream is not our own”?
Your soul knows the answer: Go on alone!”

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