Explaining Spiritual Concepts to Children

How God is Everywhere

When we share about our spiritual path with children and talk about God, they can pose some difficult questions and here’s an attempt to answer one such question.

‘Where is God’ is a very frequent question asked and the oft provided answer to this question is God is everywhere.

One can answer that question in multiple ways. We could tell them God doesn’t have form and give some other explanations but it’s when we say something that listener can relate to that they understand. So here I take an example of a lemonade to look at this question. We look at the sugar, white, small cubic crystals, we taste it and we all know how they look and sugar is sweet. Then start stirring it in a transparent glass of water while deciding to keep a detective eye on sugar so that we know where does it disappear.

The inevitable is bound to happen and sugar will vanish by getting dissolved in water. Where did it go? Did it leave the glass of water? Just because one cannot see it does one say there’s no sugar in there. No, because though the eyes cannot see it, the sweet taste of water confirms the presence of sugar. Every sip is sweet. You will not be able to say ok sugar is present in this drop of water and not present in the next sip of lemonade.

So even though the sugar isn’t visible, the sweetness can’t be denied. The magic touch of the potter is always there though we see not his hand in the earthenware. Similarly God’s presence is there though we see Him not. As vision wasn’t a good faculty to discover dissolved sugar so perhaps is with God.

Have a good day.

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2 thoughts on “How God is Everywhere

  1. Love how you have used analogies to help kids relate to God, very helpful for us parents ❤️ look forward to more of your writing Mona

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