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Taming Temper Tantrums

As parents we all have had to face meltdowns or temper tantrums of our children. We do not want to be caught in the midst of it as most often than not it’s very disconcerting. Most of us either try to deal it with a heavy hand, cold shoulder or give in. We know neither of these are healthy responses but not knowing any better we keep shuffling between them.

At the surface of it temper tantrums look complicated, each child having their own way of expressing it but at the core it’s simple. It’s all about the energy, where is it flowing in the moment and how to change the direction of that flow. Enjoy this principle in detail in my latest article ‘Solution to Challenging Behaviours and Negative Patterns‘.

Please let me know in comments section if you found it helpful and on what you would like more clarity. Thank you

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