Is Your Child Running The Right Race??

Albert Einstein said “Everybody is a genius but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” 
The above statement is the heart of the short story in the video.

Life is a race, agar tez nahin bhagoge to ……” famous dialogue from a very famous movie. True but what nobody tells us is that to win we have to be on the right track and that we have the power to choose our track i.e. career.
Guide your child in identifying his/her strengths and accordingly choose a career so that he excels the race.

Help them define success before they lose sight of their priorities:  I remember feeling wistful, sometimes sad and jealous too when I would see the facebook posts of my close friends and family of their exotic vacations. I felt stuck. In one such wistful moment I had a vision of me happily sitting in a library against a stack of books reading. In that one insightful flash I realized I had forgotten my own joys and started buying what others were conveying to me. Both the sadness of not being able to afford such trips and stress of saving money in order to afford one in future vanished. Life was flowing again.
There’s so much pressure from outside, relatives, friends, schools, media that we kind of lose the sight of the goal, which is to reach success while enjoying life and that success can be and mostly is different for all of us. Don’t let that happen to your child. Don’t let it happen to yourself.

The story raises many questions. The biggest one for meWhat fears would stop me from allowing my child to follow his/her own path?” Understand your fears and work on them. Fear should not be a reason to deny a chance to our children.

Please ask your questions and share your experiences in the comments. You could also talk about your fears on Parentingmantra’s facebook post or individually contact me. Much love.


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4 thoughts on “Is Your Child Running The Right Race??

  1. Very relevant in today’s context. Yes definition of success differs from person to person. And aptly put ..reacj success while enjoying life..
    Keeping writting Mona.good luck

  2. I don’t want my kids to run the race. In a race your focus is on others….not on self. I would want my kids to focus on Excellence and their self.
    If they just focus on excellence am sure they will be more than fine in this world and happy while doing it.

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